russian occupants are killing Ukrainians right now! Thousands of people were killed, including children, millions had to leave their homelands houses.

Here's what you can do to Stand with Ukraine

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cars ๐Ÿš™ have been bought and delivered to the front line
total funds ๐Ÿ’ตย were collected by the Glory to Ukraine team
own funds ๐Ÿ’ตย were donated by the Glory to Ukraine team

Who we are?

We are a group of companies and individuals that create digital experiences over the World. Since Feb 24 when russian occupants invaded Ukraine and started bombing our cities and killing civilians, doing the genocide of Ukrainians, we had to switch our resources to support our army and civilians.

Why do we need money?

Currently, most of our incomes go to the Ukrainian army that defends our country as well as suffered civilians but we are sure that's not enough and we are asking our friends over the world to stand with us against the russian terrorism.

Where do spend money?

There are a lot of needs like food, meds, equipment such as vests, gloves, binoculars, tools, protectors, protective glasses, drones, laptops, cars, and many more. We are sending them directly to Ukrainian soldiers, units, and local volunteer centers that ask for such things.

What do we buy?

We are regularly reporting on our Facebook and Instagram pages with all we are buying, also we are sharing photo-report on this website, see the gallery below. Join us to stand against russian terrorism!

The russian invasion of Ukraine destroyed millions of civilians' lives.

Official Statistic by March 21
3 500
Destroyed objects of civil infrastructure
6 000
Civilians were injured
2 500
Civilians were killed
Children were killed
and 148 injured

Ask World to close the sky over Ukraine

Make a Donation to Our Volunteer Account for Army and Civil Needs

Make a Donation

For Businessmen.
Simply stop work with russia

It helps to avoid using citizens tax for russian army

For Supermen.
โ€Join Foreign International Legion

See Instructions Here
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Don't be led by russian propaganda, use proofed sources